Since our first season in 2013, our event at Dalston Eastern Curve Garden has always inspired audiences in a unique and thrilling way. This season of events captures the essence of a weekend rural festival in the centre of Dalston on a Tuesday evening.

The surrounds of the garden combine with delicious pizzas from David Latto, and a supreme and ever-evolving roster of acts, to create a magical atmosphere which brings people together in a friendly and welcoming space.

It's a community of music-lovers, summer-lovers and life-lovers, brought together to celebrate the warm months in a carefree and supportive atmosphere, with a compelling live soundtrack.

For the first time ever, you can buy a ticket for all 17 of our summer events this season for just £60 + fees. Click here.

faith mussa.jpg

Tuesday 5th June

Faith Mussa    +    Jally Kebba Susso

Tuesday 26th June

Meadowlark + Only Girl + Amy Wawn

Tuesday 17th July

David Keenan + Lilla Vargen + Stephen James Smith

Tuesday 7th August

Solomons Garden + The Hungry Mothers + Miranda Joy

Tuesday 28th August

Gnawa Blues All Stars + James Riley + Michael Sebastian

Blue lab beats 49.jpg

Tuesday 12th June

Blue Lab Beats + The Dylema Collective + DemiMa

Tuesday 3rd July

Laura Perrudin + Garance Louis & the Mitochondries

Tuesday 24th July

Rachel K Collier + Marble Empire + Alexander Carson

Tuesday 14th August

Sannie Fox + Harvey Causon + Gus Harvey

k.o.g. zongo.jpg

Tuesday 19th June

K.O.G. + Bamako Overground + Eckoes

Tuesday 10th July

Muntu Valdo + Dahlia Sleeps + O Mataeus

Tuesday 31st July

Roscius + Three Laws + Zoe Phillips

Tuesday 21st August

Whiskey Moon Face + Meïkhâneh + Tommy Ashby