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  • Styx Bar 5 Ashley Road London N17 9LJ (map)

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Our weekly event at sensational arts venue Styx, right beside Tottenham Hale Station. With three fantastic acts and delicious pizza from Loven, come and enjoy the Styx garden and venue with us.


Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, Belle Roscoe are led by siblings Matty & Julia Gurry. Having spent time in Europe defining their sound & collaborating with European musicians and renowned DJ producer Luuk Cox (Shameboy, Girls in Hawaii, Stromae, & MLCD), the band have recently worked with legendary US producer Phil Ek (Fleet Foxes, The Shins, Paper Kites), and are touring across Europe. They will join us on the night with full band.

"It’s rare that every song on an album is single material, but Belle Roscoe have come pretty damn close.” 
Daniel Cribb, The Music

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Eclectic choral arrangements from Ellie Rose Rusbridge's immensely special community choir. From Fleetwood Mac to Bulgarian wedding songs and everywhere in between, we love hosting Owl Parliament.

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Mattsson sailed north up the River Lea and out of London last summer to start recording Feral, mooring up far from the noise of the city, with only her dog for company. Her recording sessions were dependent on the solar panels, and in the evenings when the batteries lost their charge, she would go down to the lake to swim.

The percussive, almost shamanistic rhythms of her guitar have their roots in her years of playing fretless bass, while the spacious, simple arrangements hark back further still, to the traditional Scandinavian music of her past. They are tales of sailors, of loss and love, they are tales of the sea.

Ulli Mattsson grew up by the river on the border of Swedish Lapland. Since living in London she has worked as a musician, as well as renovating buildings for a variety of art projects and homes. Yet for all her years of living here, she did not forget the north. She missed the long and silent winters, and most of all she missed the water.

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Entry is £5 on the door /£4 in advance

Doors from 7pm, music 8-11pm

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