Gabriela Eva & Base Mosquito + Jazoo + Hackney Harmony Choir

  • Dalston Eastern Curve Garden 13 Dalston Lane E8 3DF UK


Every Tuesday at the beautiful Curve Garden, from June to September with 3 amazing musical acts, delicious Latto's pizza and the incredible Curve Garden atmosphere. 


Gabriela Eva is an up-and-coming singer/songwriter from London with an eclectic sound, comprising stylistic elements of jazz, funk, and soul, with a Spanish-tinged guitar sound.

She's been performing from a young age and is emerging on the festival circuit, with gigs at Latitude and a number of smaller festivals under her belt. A free-spirited musician and traveller, she has performed to audiences from Spain to Shanghai, and is currently working with EMI and Alibi Records in the USA. 

Gabriela's sleek vocals, coupled with understated, tasteful guitar touches make for a fresh and distinctive sound. Ventures into the realm of electronically produced tracks are equally interesting: the imaginative rendition of 'Over the Rainbow' is a testament to her creativity, even if it could do with a slightly more professional mixdown. In a sense though, the low-fi quality contributes to a feeling of raw intimacy. On the night she will be joined by producer Base Mosquito for a electronic show.



Experimental ethno-jazz group Jazoo from Slovenia. Since its formation, the band has stubbornly insisted on maintaining its musical style, journeying and developing as they tour Europe and the world. The cult musical cast, who are unique, original and write all the music they play, shatter the boundaries of music forms, blending modern experimental sounds with European jazz. The influences of Archie Shepp, Omar Sosa and the Esbjörn Svensson Trio are clearly present. The music is eclectic, diverse and highly listenable, and yet also unpredictable and free. Although  the music may lure the listener into a state of hypnosis, it does not foster a feeling of numbness. By using unusual harmonies and complex polyrhythms, the cast take their listeners on a magical voyage of their music.


Hackney Harmony is a diverse and vibrant choir in the heart of East London. Sophia Efthimiou set up the choir in April 2010 with just 12 members and has now grown to more than 60. They sing a wide range of music including Gospel, African, Folk, Eastern European, Sacred songs, and pop. 


£5 in advance

£7 on the door