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The Dylema Collective + Goldaka

  • Hootananny Brixton 95 Effra Road London SW2 1DF UK (map)

Free entry at Hootananny Brixton with two fantastic live acts, plus DJ Hot Bread with fresh heat.


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Dylema says: "My name is DYLEMA. Dylema is an acronym for ‘Do you, let every man adapt’. It means to simply, find out who you are, do what you are called to do and every human alive will adapt to allow you to create or to help you further your creation. This name has so much meaning to my career as a spoken word artist and writer because it is really where my journey started. The name came as a result of a very tasking childhood. I was Born and raised in West Africa Nigeria, as a result my childhood involved an immersion into traditional African culture, religion, migration, bullying and some series of less than fortunate events.

In the midst of my early trials I was faced with a decision on whether to let others continue to run my life and be unhappy or whether to find myself and do what makes me happy. I of course chose the latter and have since converted my experiences into poetry.

I have written as far as i can remember however after migrating to the UK and experiencing some difficulties in speech and culture change I began to share my poetry at age 16. Through forms of rap songs which led to spoken word poetry.

Due to my story, I am a woman of the people. Here to inspire and to remind us all that we are more the same than different.

I speak for those born in Africa but raised in a western world who seem to have nowhere they have to call home. I want them to create a home for themselves in the bosom of my poetry. For like me they do not feel completely welcome in neither Africa nor the western world but have all the love to give to both.

I speak for women, in reference to all the undiscovered potential that they feel afraid to express in this wicked world that encourages a woman’s limitations.

I speak for all, who want to break free of barriers of race, age, gender and religion. I wield my words like hammers aimed at such walls.

I am here to speak from heart to heart, bone to bone, blood to blood, spirit to spirit and soul to soul so join me, and our collective, on this adventurous road."


A rich fusion of deep soul and bass music, all infused with liquid gold.

Free Entry