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Laura Perrudin + Garance Louis & the Mitochondries

  • Dalston Eastern Curve Garden 13 Dalston Lane London E8 3DF UK (map)



Our legendary weekly festival season, every Tuesday from June to September, with  French harpist Laura Perrudin, and London's eccentric genius Garance Louis & the Mitochondries.


French harpist, singer and composer Laura PERRUDIN has had both an unusual and eclectic career. Brought up on a diet of jazz from childhood, she studied classical music in addition to composing and producing music using her home studio, influenced by a wide array of genres including electronic and traditional music, soul and hip-hop, and trained with many musicians from her birth region of Brittany to New York and Paris. “I decided to play the harp when I was very young”, Laura says. “I had big sleep problems as a child and my parents’ CD of Irish harp was the only thing that helped me to sleep, thanks to its deep vibration. Then, because I was bathing into many different kinds of music including jazz, hip hop and electronic music, I realized that the harp did not allow me to play the music I was listening to, for many reasons. That is why I began to sing more and more, to produce electronic music in my room and to play a little bit of piano.” Her mission became to open up the possibilities of the harp to a richer harmonic language, and her quest paid off in 2008 when harp maker Philippe Volant custom-built for her a chromatic pedal-less harp with a single row of strings. In 2014 she asked Volant to make an electric version of the chromatic harp, which she has played ever since. This innovative instrument has allowed her to give free rein to the sinuous harmonies and rich soundscapes of her unclassifiable compositions.

PERRUDIN recently released her sophomore album, Poisons & Antidotes on Volatine Records in Europe to an enthusiastic response from the media, and she is happy to announce that she will be making her US live debut on 1/13 in NYC at The Bitter End during Winter Jazz Festival. Seeing her harp as both an orchestra and a drum kit, in her compelling live performances, Laura creates a powerful personal universe utilizing an arsenal of a laptops, sound-effect pedals and multitrack loops. She says, “I am very excited to play in NY for the first time because I spent a few months there in 2012 and felt how deeply inspiring and stimulating the city was. I have been listening to so many musicians coming from there that I am very happy to be a part of this rich musical landscape for one night.”

Mastered by Valgeir Sigurðsson at Greenhouse Studio in Reykjavík (Björk, Feist, Camille, Damon Albarn), Poisons & Antidotes received “4 Stars” from The Guardian’s John Lewis who raved, “Perrudin makes every sound here, using her voice and a custom-made chromatic harp: her vocals are often multi-layered into audacious harmonies, while the harp can sound like any number of instruments…. Perrudin’s strong melodies and poetic imagery make each song uniquely compelling.”

n PERRUDIN’s music, she uses her voice like an instrument, and believes that the harp and voice are an extension of the other. Upon releasing her debut album, “Impressions”, in 2015, “Les Inrockuptibles” proclaimed, "The young iconoclast blends jazz with contemporary melodic lines, r'n'b grooves and rich harmonic structures. It is stunning to listen to the thousand games of a tightrope artist, her cheerful and spontaneous radicalism, definitely modern." “France Inter Paris Radio” wrote, "It's rather as if Björk had chanced upon Herbie Hancock in a Dublin pub. Laura Perrudin is only at the beginning of her artistic carer, but she has already redefined the framework of the harp and we are sure that her singular universe will become an example."


Since moving to London in 2010, Garance Louis has established herself as a powerhouse of the underground live music scene. The extrovert, eccentric composer, singer and accordionist from Perpignan has made her name in some of London's most interesting venues as well as busking on the streets themselves.

Her surreal performances have featured bizarre costumes and otherworldly themes, perfectly complementing songs about absurd abstraction, procrastination, star-crossed open relationships; intoxicating love, plus rebirth in the Amazonian forest. The playful Garance always wears a smile, finding humour in physical theatre, funny faces and the clown inside us all.

Growing up in the independent 'Cinémaginaire' in the South of France, Garance spent her childhood travelling the world, her head filled with the sights and sounds of the movies. The nomadic spirit stays strong with her, with an impulsive trip to New Orleans on the cards, and her past history of running away with the circus.

Continuing the creative journey, 'Balance L'Aurore' shows off Garance's discovery of music production, bringing a new vitality and direction to her sound, while staying rooted in French Chanson, Psychedelic Folk and old Venezuelan Mambo. The record features more than 25 musicians, with a horn section masterminded by jazz legend Ewan Bleach, string quartet, heavy synths, tremolo guitar and full rhythm section. Every track has a rich and distinct orchestration, making the album a celebration of musical daring. Nothing is off limits. Having produced the album herself, she teamed up with world music guru Sonny Johns (Portico Quartet, Ali Farka Toure), to mix an album brimming with invention and integrity.

We were proud to host Garance's sold-out show at Total Refreshment Centre back in May, and are looking forward to welcoming her to the Curve Garden for an all-French lineup.


Since our first season in 2013, our event at Dalston Eastern Curve Garden has always inspired audiences in a unique and thrilling way. This season of events captures the essence of a weekend rural festival in the centre of Dalston on a Tuesday evening.

The phenomenal surrounds of the garden combine with delicious pizzas from David Latto, and a supreme and ever-evolving roster of acts, to create a magical atmosphere which brings people together in a friendly and welcoming space.

It's a community of music-lovers, summer-lovers and life-lovers, brought together to celebrate the warm months in a carefree and supportive atmosphere, with a compelling live soundtrack.


£6 Advance

£10 Door

PLEASE NOTE that this is an outdoor concert which will go ahead regardless of the weather. Please bring appropriate clothing, including waterproofs if rain is forecast.



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