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Eastern Circus Spectacular

  • Epic Dalston 13-15 Stoke Newington Road London, N16 8BH United Kingdom (map)

To celebrate the sheer wealth of incredible gypsy and middle-eastern music blossoming in London, we bring you a night of music like no other. Featuring no less than 5 incredible bands, all of whom have proved themselves across the London and UK festival scenes, we are ramming a completely unique underground venue full of musical talent the like of which may never be seen again. This is the final Woodburner event of a superb year and should be the very best of all!



After an incredible year which saw The Turbans perform in India, Germany, New York, Italy and the UK, we are proud to present their final London show of 2015. Famed for their flamboyant and reckless live show, The Turbans seem to cram ever more phenomenal musicians onto the stage with as they take their sound to orchestral proportions. Every show is a truly immersive experience as they seek to bring down the divide between performer and audience like no other act.


Dila V's smile could launch a thousand ships and her heart knows no bounds - Manor House's Queen of Hearts will have her smoking hot band rocking faster than you can say 'Odd Beats,' and before you know it you will be dancing to a crazy Turkish folk song in nine, along to their 3-piece percussion section and the psychedelic guitar styles of Fati Ebrem.


While some rock stars wither and fade, and retire into lives of decadent decay, others rage on with a passion, joy and energy which is hard to explain and impossible to capture. Such is the way with fiery-eyed Miroslav Morski - Bulgarian rock star supremo and Gipsydelica front man. His is the guitar that laughs and the voice that tells tales of a Roma life which we Londoners can scarcely imagine. Coupled with the pulsating bass of Fred Stitz and the rock solid drums of Tansay Omar, Gipsydelica always bring their A game. There will only ever be one Morski, there will only ever be one Gipsydelica.


Moshe Zehavi explores the outer limits of electric guitar, with a rock solid band which incorporates flamenco, gipsy and Balkan styles. It's an upbeat show of outrageous musicianship and ground-breaking improvisation.


From their regular nights at Jamboree, Balothizer mine the wealth of fantastic folk music from Crete. With traditional instruments on display, it is truly a musical journey into uncharted waters.

8pm - 2am

Tickets £8 early bird / £10 advance / £13 on the door